The impact of Experience Kigezi on local people

The impact of Experience Kigezi on local people

My name is Annitah. I have been making beads from paper. We make out of paper for example like manilla, calendars and newspapers which we can buy from stationery shop. Then after you cut according to the size you want and after you follow the next procedure. Rolling the paper using toothpicks, after you have many beads you varnish and wait to dry and make the necklaces using threads, stopper and glass beads.

It helps needy people to get what they need and earn a living. It gives people jobs, it is easy money making beads. It saves time, because you can do it in the evening time when you are free. It is transportable, that is you can fit it in the luggage.

The names of people making these beads are Doreen, Jane, Emily Faith and Annitah. We enjoy making beads because we are getting skills and giving people jobs and we can get easy money when we sell the beads. We also like seeing people looking smart when they are wearing the combination of earrings, necklaces and bracelets which are the same. It also creates more employment opportunities like when we can make bags. We enjoy because we get what we need and are making friends.


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