Top things to do and see around Kisoro

Top things to do and see around Kisoro

Activities after gorilla tracking, mgahinga gorilla park-Uganda, Kisoro is home is the main base for gorilla trekking in South Western Uganda and in neighboring Rwanda and DR Congo. However, Kisoro doesn’t only offer gorilla trekking, it’s beautiful surroundings offer an opportunity to undertake several different interesting activities, either individually or in groups. Below is some of  top things to do and see around Kisoro.

Viewpoint of mghinga national park

Just above Ntebeko Gate is a small platform offering a magnificent view of Magahinga National Park and the surrounding area. To the south the three volcanoes national park and Virunga national park to the north miles of small gardens, Lake Mutanda and the hills of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. To the west a great view of the Western Rift valley in DR Congo. The walk takes about 30 min distance 1km from mghinga gorilla national park headquarters

Garama Cave

over the 100 years ago there was a conflict between the Batwa (pygmies) and the Bantu population. The Batwa lived in the forests and the Bantu had their gardens and villages. The Batwa raided the Bantu in their villages and disappeared in the forests. The Bantu had no idea that there was a very large cave in the forest where the Batwa were hiding. Garama cave is 342 meters long and today it is only home to bats. During the visit the guide will tell you more about Garama Cave and the history and the life of the Batwa. Walking time: 3 hrs; distance 4 km. you may also need a torch
Mt Mgahinga
Around 59% of Mgahinga National Park is covered with bamboo forest, a delicacy for the Gorillas, Golden Monkeys and hiking. The walk to the top of the Mgahinga Volcano takes us through a very nice example of pure natural bamboo forest. This walk offers a good chance to see the rare Golden Monkey and Bushbucks. At the top (3474m) you will find a good view and a lush swamp in the crater. Walking time 6 hrs, distance for about 5km

Gorge walk in Mt Sabinyo

The walk takes us through the lush vegetation in the gorge of the Mt Sabinyo, It is moist with a dense forest vegetation, A river at the bottom of the gorge is responsible for creating this paradise over time. At the end of the walk is a small but nice waterfall and a very good view of all the peaks. A good place for lunch The gorge is a good place for birders, especially the Ruwenzori Turacoo. Golden Monkey tracking and Duikers can also be spotted. Walking time 4 hrs distance is about 6km

Mt Sabinyo (3669 meters high)

The Mount Sabinyo is the oldest among the three volcanoes and that is why it has its name, which means: “teeth of the old man”! This volcano has three challenging peaks. The trail takes you up a ridge along the eastern side to Peak one If you wish to continue, the climb to Peak two involves walking a ridge with breathtaking drops into the gorges of Rwanda and Uganda. Finally, the hike up to Peak 3 is steep with several ladders and much scrambling. On top of peak 3 (3669m) you will be in Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo at the same time! The Sabinyo hike takes you through all different vegetation belts, and you have good chances of seeing Golden Monkeys, Duiker, Rwenzori Turacos and other many birds. Walking time 7 hrs; distance is about 14 km

Border Trail of DR Congo, Rwanda and Uganda

The hike takes you first toward Sabinyo. The trail climbs up the base of Sabinyo for a while through fine montane forest before turning towards Congo. Along the way you will get a great view of Sabinyo’s gorge and peaks. Upon reaching Congo you cut back along the international border of three countries DR Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. The return leg to park head quarters is a great opportunity birding. The two rest huts along the way are good places for a break. Look closely for the Golden Monkeys and signs of elephants. At the end of the trail you can say that you have visited the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda but sorry no stamp for your passport. It is a guided hike with armed escort as in all cases in Uganda
Walking time 7hrs, distance is about 9km

Free Birding Mghinga Gorilla National Park

free birding along the edge of the park is now available on request. The guides are very happy to take you out from 4:30-6 pm if you book in the morning, Birds that can be seen Ibis, Whydah, Speckled Moosebird, Fire Finch, Stonechat, Grey Capped Warbler, Waxbills and Yellow-Vented Bulbul and many others.

Village Walk around Kisoro

Walk with a local guide or on your own through the gardens and villages of the Bufumbira and Bakiga tribes. On your way you will learn a lot about how the people live and work. Often there is the possibility to eat at a local place or sometimes with a family. Other walks take us over the hills to Lake Mutanda and there you can go with a dugout canoe to Python Island and see birds near a swamp.

Gorilla Tracking

Nyakagezi Gorilla Family Group calls this their home, they are the only habituated gorilla family group found in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, which keeps crossing the border of DR Congo and Rwanda but in recent times they have reclaimed their Ugandan citizenship and can be trekked at the park, As you trek the gorillas you will often meet the golden monkeys along the way as a bonus and other wildlife and many birds that are found at Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Gorilla Tracking begins at 800am in the morning with an orientation of eight visitors are allowed at one time and there are certain guidelines that must be followed including the minimum age of 15 years, Gorilla Tracking is a once in a lifetime experience and Mgahinga Gorilla Ntional Park offers the best setting for it, There is nothing like trekking the mountain gorillas in the shadows of three volcanoes.

Golden Monkey Trekking, golden-monkey-tracking-uganda-mgahinga-gorilla-park

The endangered golden monkeys can only be visited in Rwanda’s Volcano National Park and Uganda’s Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, You can combine gorilla tracking along with golden monkey tracking in Uganda or Rwanda, Like Chimpanzees and gorillas the golden monkeys are habituated meaning that they will not shy away when humans approach a process that takes up to two years.

Golden Monkeys weigh 10 to 25kgs they have a golden body, cheeks and tails with black limbs, crown on their heads and tail end, They are a sub-species of the blue monkey and are found in the bamboo forests of the Virunga National Park in DR Congo, Volcanoes National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park presents a golden opportunity to track the golden monkeys of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Next to the tracking of mountain gorillas at Mgahinga Gorilla Park is tracking the Golden Monkeys to see these beautiful primates bantering about is a sight to see and most enjoyable for the visitors to the park.

Volcano Climbing

The amazing thing about Mgahing Gorilla National park is that you can combine all kinds of activities here including the climbing of three majestic Volcanoes and each of the volcanoes can be climbed in one day,
One does not have the added expenses such as hiring porters, tents, bringing along food for the climb except bottled water and packed lunch, you will get the most amazing views to and from the volcanoes at times you can enter three countries on Mount Sabinyo giant heathers and more. It can take you three days to take in all of the volcanoes, but after that you might need a rest at Lake Mutanda and recuperate bit, it will require some strength and stamina to enjoy this adventure.

Mt Muhavura (4127meters high)

The volcano is also referred to as “the Guide.” Visibly from far and wide it provides some of the best views available in Uganda from the top of the mountain hikers can see the Virunga National Park Volcano National Park Chain, Lake Edward and Queen Elizabeth Park, Even the peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains are visible from here, The hike can take about 7 to 9 hours but well worth it and a un early start is needed in order to complete this in one day like other volcano climbs it is a difficult hike and one needs to be in good shape.

Batwa (Pygmies) Forest Trail

The first people the Batwa Pygmies evicted when the park was created they have lived on the outside of the park only seeing tourists come into their ancient hunting and gathering territory.
This activity is guided walk, both a nature walk but also cultural walks since you learn the ways of the Batwa People, Learn how they hunted, gathered wild honey from wild bees, herbs for medicine, made clothing, ate berries from the forest and more others. A must do activity not to be missed at Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Hiking Walking Safari Advice and Tips for Uganda

The Mgahinga Gorilla National Park has become hikers paradise. Here we have some tips for the Hiker, putting on the right clothing is a big part of all that.
No injuries reported about visitors to those activities in the park, It is best to follow some of the tips about hiking in Uganda.
Hiking in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo is different from what you are used to in other countries, you are in the tropics and often like in the case of Mgahinga Gorilla Park you are in a rain forest.
It takes more planning, putting on the right clothing, shoes and or boots and you are not hiking on your own but always with an armed escort guide in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo

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