We have a variety of unique and exciting ways are available to explore the area with a local guide.

The roads, tracks and trails in Kisoro are perfect to explore with a mountain bike. From beginner to expert, there are plenty of hills to climb and race down, flat areas to glide along and in-between roads for those who just want to explore at their own pace. $15 per hour per person

Enjoy relaxing and exploring the lakes using our inflatable kayaks. Equipped with life jackets, it’s an excellent morning or afternoon activity for up to 4 people. $10 per hour per person

We have experienced motorbike (boda boda) drivers, helmets and a range of routes to help you explore more of the area and view the incredible panoramas of the mountains and lakes. Prices from $15 – $22 per person

Explore the area on foot. Walks will take you through communities, along rivers, up and down hills taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the town and surrounding area. They can either be a days outing or an evening stroll. Prices from $5 – $22 per person