A set of skills based opportunities have been identified offering unique insight and knowledge into jobs that people have.

Spend a whole day with small scale farmers. Learn how to dig, weed and harvest and cook produce grown in their fields, help them with fetching water and engage in other household activities.

Visit an organic coffee plantation and learn about process from seedling to the drink. You will be able to take part in picking, roasting, grinding and drinking coffee. The skills and knowledge needed by the coffee plantation owners will bring a new appreciation to your coffee drinking habits.

Learn about the process to hand make bricks and contribute to the local economy by making some yourself alongside the skilled workers in this hard environment.

Local artisans will teach you how to make traditional pots, baskets and mats using local materials. You will be able to take your handiwork home with you to show off to friends and family.

Prices from $12 – $16 per person